a right proper jelly

(requested by a jellyfish aficionado)


Let this serve as a reminder to all you krill, grow a mustache or go home.

also, if you have a particular crustacean you’d like to see featured on Underwater Madness, or if you want to offer me your mustache, send me an e-mail! underwater.madness.art@gmail.com

3 glasses of wine on a thursday night later:

I thought you might like some science, Dear Readers. I did a little painting experiement for you to show the relationship between cheap Chardonnay and my subject matter for artistic purposes.

Here is what happens when I drink. In painting order:

Glass #1. Sad, hipster mermaid. Oh look at this sad watercolory mermaid. She has a nipple. Lol!

now with 90% more emo!

Glass # 2. Jellyfish pun! Must… think… of… jellyfish… pun… WAIT! Cute faces are better!

Aw! He's winking at me!

Glass #3. I WISH I WERE A PIRATE WAAAH. Waaaaaah! Give me ten good reasons to be a pirate and I will give you ten more and it still won’t make me a pirate!

Octopi row the pirate's ship because she is a pirate! A PIRATE YOU GUYS! And yes, I call that a ship. Shut up. Obviously I'm not a pirate. Jerk.

I am truly a sad drunk. Maybe I’ll feel better after I eat 3 pints of ice cream. T^T

By the way! Don’t forget to check out my art at Gamma Ray Games! I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I have some art up in Seattle!

Lots of it has sold already, so go buy the rest or I’ll have to eat 3 more pints of ice cream!



UPDATE: Ice cream makes people pirates. It is true:

i'm arrrrrrguably the best pir-oh fuck it i hate pirate jokes.