so i have this show…

Well catfish and krill, the time has come. My show begins today.

Here are the essential details:

Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk

March 8th – April 12th

Gamma Ray Games (directions here)

Gamma Ray is closed on Mondays, but is open Tuesday (12PM-8PM), Wednesday-Saturday (12PM-11PM), and Sunday (12PM-6PM).

this is what the store looks like!

If you’d like to come by and visit, I will be on site tonight from around 9:00 PM until some time later than that. I’ll sign stuff for you. Maybe even draw you a sketch. It’ll be great!

Oh, and bring your pocketbooks. I’ve got original pieces for sale, some of which you’ve never seen before. Perhaps I’ll tantalize you with a few tidbits, to whet your appetite?


“But I don’t live in Seattle!” I hear some among you cry. “And I’m a slack-jawed anglerfish with a clueless disposition!” Fear not, gentle bubbler. I’ll be posting photos of the art and from the event. You’ll almost feel like you’re really there… but then you’ll remember you’re not. How sad.

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