oh hello website

Oh, I, um… Was that your interface I was playing with? Was it uncomfortable for me to be touching your dashboard like that before introducing myself? Well, you should have spoken up earlier. Now I have my drafts all stored in your queue like sperm whales caught in a giant net, and that’s just disgusting.

In any case I suppose you should know who I am so you’ll know what to tell your web-human freak children. I’m Care Gibson and I’m relocating my Underwater Madness project from Tumblr to you, my charming WordPress. Because apparently I’d love to read comments discussing how sperm whale metaphors are not at all appropriate all over your sleek and easy to format body. But I swear, you’re not a rebound.

I will be posting some old stuff here over the next few weeks. In addition I’ll post some new works both here and on the Tumblr. It’ll be a slow and comfortable transition, that is, unless WordPress tells her father about the widgets we played with and I have to skip town, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?


7 thoughts on “oh hello website

  1. Does this mean that I have to start calling you Care now? ……… I’m sticking with Mez. I look forward to more inappropriate sperm whale jokes (on the whole, I’m just ecstatic that you aren’t calling them fish!)

    1. You can call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for dovii. Seriously, those guys will mess you up if you’re late.

      As for the fish/whale jokes, look–some of us grew up after high school. Others are waiting for a pleasant opportunity to make fun of everything you ever loved.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Mez Care

    1. Damn, my secret alternate-dimesional body has been revealed! Looks like I’ll have to carebear stare my way out of this one–prepare for falling whales!

      Also thanks Niki 🙂 and no one has to call me Care. It’s an optional nickname in real life.

  2. I desire more fish-related humor, nuanced by dry wit and artistic depth. Plus periodic scalding commentary on relationships and the futility of interspecies love. Am I in the right place?

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