we are the 99%!

Marine inequality is at the highest level it’s been since the 1960s. While a lucky octopus may have 8 arms, each nautilus has over 90. That’s over TEN TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ARMS.

Nautiluses shell themselves in luxurious golden spirals, while the rest of cephalopod-kind go without even basic clothing.

They haven’t evolved for millions of years, so why should we expect them to now?

It’s time these living fossils went extinct.


wall street is in the indo-pacific ocean right?

crab head

nice sand castle, crab head.

Some people have crabs on their heads and are capable of making a decent sand castle despite their challenges. This woman is obviously a failure.

So I drew this series about three months ago that just involves sad looking women with sea creatures on their heads. I never said my hobbies weren’t weird.