this is what love is all about

Someone somewhere asked me what being in love felt like. Bewildered, I sought solace in handfulls of LSD and then painted this:


Translation: Love is super confusing and there might be French clouds involved. My advice: don’t risk it.

pufferfucked, a love story

Once upon a time there was a lonely little pufferfish. He thought life was pretty much the wrong side of a wedge of cheese. And, convinced that he would never find love, he puffed his sorry bum across the oceans, inventing new names for nihilism and imagining himself pretty clever.

Sometimes life surprises you though, and no amount of philosophical training can prepare you to ignore the first glimpses of love. One day our little pufferfish found it–a hopeful little heart glowing in the deepest reaches of the sea (geographers have since found that the only place conditions are perfect for love is in those underwater caverns too deep for people). He puffed up with joy and went in for a kiss-